Thursday 17 January 2013

My first weeks with The ODM Group

My name is Deepak, I come from Spain and I´ve come to Zhuhai to complete my third year of university at a work placement. I chose China because it is such a diverse place to spend a year, it is a completely new culture that will accomplish my experience within this year and it will look exceptionally incredible in my CV.

I have already been working 3 weeks within The ODM Group and all I can say at this point is that I have learnt so many things that I could have imagined within this short period. I will be staying for 7 months more and I really look forward to it as it will help develop my skills to another level. I really have seen that this internship at ODM is really challenging me as I am always expected to give the best of my skills.

I normally work part-time from 1 pm to 6.30 pm as in the morning I attend Chinese language classes. My daily tasks involve some marketing and sales which include writing at least 1 or 2 blogs, finding new clients to offer them the opportunity to create promotional products for their brand, calling up clients, sending out quotations to clients, setting prices for clients, as well as emailing existing and potential new clients.

The environment inside the office is incredibly great and friendly. Since the first day I came I always felt welcome by everyone in the Zhuhai Office and in the headquarters in Hong Kong: ODM Asia. Even though there is Chinese staff inside the office I never seen a real language barrier as their English is not bad.

These 3 weeks have literally flied as I have had many tasks and responsibilities to achieve every single day. At the moment I am dealing with clients from different industries from Spain and South America. The only difficulty I have had during these weeks is to contact with clients from South America, especially when it comes to phoning them as it is quite challenging due to the fact there is almost 12-14 hours difference from China time. Apart from that small aspect of my roles, I am already finding this internship as a valuable experience which will hopefully contribute to my success in the near future.


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