Friday 1 July 2016

All Good Things Come to an End - Finishing my Internship

Although this will not be my last time in China, my time in Zhuhai has come to an end (for now), and what an experience this half of my year abroad has been. I can say for sure that I have became more confident in myself, my surroundings and in everything I didn't think I was capable of with working in China an enriched experience and a memorable one at that.

I have had both ups and downs here; my phone getting stolen, impossible to get on crowded buses and constantly being bitten by mosquitoes isn't ideal for starters.. but I have met some amazing people and friends along the way.

I'm very lucky to have spent my time here living with a Chinese family, and can proudly say that I have got a fourth little sister. They have introduced me to some amazing people, families and connections who will not easily be forgotten, letting me create lifetime memories, practice my Chinese and acquire the feeling of knowing that I will see them again next year! 

Although I haven't had the chance to travel as much as I had hoped, I did get the chance to re-visit Hong Kong, go to 海陵岛,and I finally got to visit Guilin, and Yangshuo (with the rain)! Macau will have to wait till next year though.. Here I was able to relive my memories of being by the seaside, eat the best honey ribs, finally eat Lychee (after waiting already for 3 years) and try some of the best seafood, oh and of course getting to appreciate how beautiful China can be away from the buzz of the city life. 

Furthermore, my time at ODM has been an opener to the real working world and how I want my career pathway to be in the future. To be frank when first arriving I wasn't very confident and lacked in certain aspects. Now, I feel that I can deal with problems and achieve goals using the essential skills and experiences that ODM have given me. Sales, marketing, sourcing and project management have all formed a major role in my abilities that I can utilise as my journey continues.

All good things must come to an end they say, but good things never have to end if you don't let them. My positive working experiences will continue to fuel my motivation, and my relationship with my home stay family will never be forgotten (have to see my sister grow up!). I would advise anyone out there regardless of where, to come to China or any other country and learn something new, it changes you and for the better. 

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