Monday 23 November 2020

My Remote Internship Experience: At the Midpoint

An internship with a company is an important and valuable learning experience for any tertiary student out there. I had been looking forward to experiencing the office life of reporting in, getting to know my new colleagues. However, the pandemic struck. Instead of the in-person office life I was expecting, many of us were suddenly whisked into our study chairs and tables, and had to gear up to work from home.

My internship with the ODM Group is even more unique. The head and regional office are all overseas! Thus, my remote internship started. And it was nothing that my wildest imaginations could dream up of.  Hi everyone! I am Rhea from Singapore, and in this short blog, I will share with you my remote internship experience.

Initial Impression:

At first, I was considerably worried about how this remote internship would work. After all, I wanted to do my best for the company. My worries were quickly dispelled. There was great communication with the senior staff and the previous batch of interns who trained us via Skype.

Despite the fact that we worked remotely, we were still able to have an on ground experience by looking for our own real life case studies to blog about. I learnt to keep my eyes peeled whenever I go out for any interesting promotions that will make good case study materials! 

This is an example of a set of photos taken for this blog.

Some Things I Love:

Clear Training Manuals and Tips

There was a series of training manuals with detailed instructions on how to utilize the digital workspace of ODM. Each department had a specific training manual filled with detailed information that really helped the other interns and myself. We were able to learn our roles and responsibilities quickly and get to work. We were also very lucky to be the second batch of remote interns, where the previous batch was able to provide many useful tips and advice. I took in what they said and set up my study table to be as neat as possible!

My Table Setup

Constant Communication

Communication played a crucial factor in making remote internship work out well for everyone. Every morning, we will start off the day with a staff meeting call. Personally, this has helped my out immensely with getting into the work mindset, and I will have a clear plan for the day ahead. In the afternoon, we have another staff call to check in on our progress and clarify any problems we may have ran into during the day. I love how involved the senior staff is with our work while giving us the freedom and independence to plan our own schedule. This has made everyday an enjoyable one. 

Sharing this experience with 4 other interns:

Humans are social creatures. I am very glad to be sharing my remote internship experience closely with 4 other interns. With each other around, we definitely settled into our roles easier. Working with them has been a blast, and it is great knowing that we are not alone in this unique position. We have had a gathering to boost our relationship, and there are plans for more in the future. I certainly can't wait!


It is already halfway through my internship, yet time flew by as if it was nothing. All the interns have learnt so much already, and I am still learning new things everyday. This remote internship is definitely a unique once in a lifetime experience I will remember, and makes a fun fact to share about myself to others!

If you're looking to work with us, feel free to contact us here! Otherwise, you could also check out our marketing case studies on our online magazine to learn more. 

Thursday 13 August 2020

Ultimate Guide to Remote Working Internship 2020-2021

Our internship experience with the ODM Group have been very unexpected. With plans made for what was supposed to be a 5 month overseas internship program, we arrived at Saigon, Vietnam on 9th of March. It was a 4 hour flight from Singapore, and there were 3 of us.

Once we settled with our temporary accommodations, we were soon ready to live the expat life. We even managed to secure an apartment which was directly above the office! With Covid 19 becoming more uncertain at that time, we definitely did not expect to end our journey so soon. 

On the 14th of March, Vietnam and many other countries were starting to close their borders. This made it harder for people like us to work abroad, therefore we only had a limited amount of time working in the HCMC office. 

So we had to cancel plans made for Vietnam and scheduled a flight back to Singapore. 
We were very sad to not be able to work in Vietnam, but we were definitely grateful to have spent some time there. 

Therefore, with additional training - we managed to arrange a remote working schedule for the 3 of us while we were working directly from home. Today, we will list down several tips and tricks you need for remote working. 

Tip #1 : Create a Daily - Hour Schedule 

A quote that is popularly attributed to Benjamin Franklin - he says ; failure to plan is planning to fail. 
With so many things to do for work, the smartest thing you should do is learn how to organize your time. When working remotely, having a schedule helps you keep track of your working progress and routine. The image above is how a typical work schedule should look like, highlighting the different tasks that make up your day. 

Tip #2 : Clocking in your hours

Additional to the working schedule, interns working remotely should also practice clocking in the hours for work. This helps distinguish the real time and hours spent on doing specific tasks in your schedule. 
Moreover, it also helps management monitor the hours spent on working with projects and helps them identify which projects should be given priority in the future. 
In ODM, we use a computer program called 'Clockify' which helps track your hours according to project category and project title. 

Tip #3 : Condusive working environment

Its so easy to get distracted when working from home! This should already be obvious to most people, but having a clean and tidy desk could significantly improve your productivity rate!
At home, I usually only have 1 laptop turned on for work. I also have a mini dashboard that stores my written notes whenever I need them to. I avoid using long cables and ty to keep my desk as minimal as possible.

Tip #4 : Establish personal boundaries with people at home

When working from home, it is inevitable to have some of your household members hovering around you to check on you, or even initiating conversations while you're busy doing your tasks. Our suggestion is to establish some ground rules with people at home. This will avoid any misunderstandings in the future and also minimize the amount of distractions at home. Let them know you have some priorities to attend to if the conversation is not so urgent. Don't worry! We're sure they'll understand.

Tip #5 : Exercise or stretch during your break

People, Woman, Pink, Yoga, Mat, Meditation, Fitness

When you've been occupied at home and not giving your body enough attention, a short stretching/exercise session is much needed! We recommend reading : 21 Stretches for Beginners to learn more how you can help relax your body to save yourselves from aching. 

Tip #6 : Overcommunicate 

Working from home can be very lonely at times. Which is why it is important to overcommunicate with your colleagues, more than you would have when working in a physical office. This helps keep track with your progress and help you understand what everyone else is working on. 

In ODM, the interns schedule 2 meeting calls with the management team every day. The meeting call in the morning is very important, because that is when we discuss the items on our agenda list for the day. In the afternoon, we have another meeting call to discuss about our progress for the day.

These are all done via skype where it is easier to share our screen and speak live. 
Throughout the day, it is also normal to have impromptu calls and messages with the management in case we have any questions and doubts regarding our projects. 

In a nutshell ...

Working from home is becoming a norm for a lot of corporate companies, across all industries. We hope that these tips and tricks for remote working will assist you in your work, and hopefully make your work life much more balanced and productive. 

If you're looking to work with us, feel free to contact us here! Otherwise, you could also check out our marketing case studies on our online magazine to learn more. 

My Remote Internship Experience: At the Midpoint

An internship with a company is an important and valuable learning experience for any tertiary student out there. I had been looking forward...