Friday 18 December 2015

"Do not go gentle into that good night" Finishing an internship

After seeing all my fellow summer interns leave during the Autumn, now it would appear that Winter has come for me and I must bid a fond farewell to my internship too. Even though I am not long for the world of interning I should not fret for I have learnt and experienced a lot in my 6 months at The ODM Group.
"Do not go gentle into that good night" Finishing an internship

During my time here I was fortunate enough to go to not one, not two, not four, but three trade fairs and represent ODM in the proverbial field. This allowed me to put all the knowledge and information I had learnt into practical use, while also seeing the whole different side of manufacturing and prospecting new suppliers/clients.
"Do not go gentle into that good night" Finishing an internship
As well as the professional side of the internship, I took time aside to hone my artistic skills and focus on my true passion, Beijing Opera. Although clearly I will need more practice in painting, my 普通话 has definitely flourished while I've been here. 
"Do not go gentle into that good night" Finishing an internship
Lastly, Zhuhai as a city is not the largest nor the most metropolitan, but that is actually one of the best things about it. Compared to other cities, the hustle bustle rush of China that many people fear to meet, it is actually quite calm here and as I mentioned, before the city is the 4th cleanest in China. How do you like that Beijing aka Mordor! Also a side note, you can climb the Great Wall of China here in Zhuhai, though admittedly it's only 10 years old. 

In summary, I have had an amazing experience here and would strongly recommend interning with ODM Group and the service that InternChina has provided has been fantastic. For me it's not so much Goodbye but see you again soon, or in Chinese 别说再见,说再会!

Wednesday 16 December 2015

A quick and yet amazing trip to the Yellow Mountains (黄山)

Last weekend we decided to head to the Yellow Mountains in Anhui province, quite close to Nanjing and Shanghai. The area is well known for its scenery, sunsetsHuangshan Pine trees, hot springs, winter snow, and views of the clouds from above. Huangshan is a frequent subject of traditional Chinese paintings and literature, as well as modern photography. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and one of China's major tourist destinations.  

To get there, we got the train from the Zhuhai train station (珠海站) towards Guangzhou South Railway Station. This is only a 70 minute ride and really convenient as you can go anywhere across China from there. Our high speed train from 广州南站 to 黄山北站 took 7 hours and was really comfortable and pleasant!

We managed to book a really cheap hostal where the entrance was peculiarly inside an old tea shop but the service was spectacular. They even had a pool table and a foosball table free of charge! This hostal is located in the ancient street of Tunxi (屯溪老街), which is a night market which is well worth to go shopping and trying uncanny food.

Next morning we got a really early bus that took us to the entrance of the yellow mountains national park. We decided to get the cable car for 12 minutes up the west area of the park and walk up from there. It took us around 3 hours to get to the top but as it is the winter season, some parts of the mountains were closed due to dangerous paths and slippery paths.

There are a few hotels situated right at the top of the mountains which is essential to be able to wake up early and see the sunrise. The most surprising thing about hotels on the top of the mountains is that every day they send out staff up and down the mountain to pick up goods and deliver it to the hotel. Impressing isn´t it?

Next morning we woke up really early to try to catch the sun rise but due to the season there was more mist than anything but the views were still spectacular. We walked around 20km appreciating the breathtaking views and walked down the Eastern part of the mountains.

After a huge walking and hiking trip like this one, there is nothing better than heading to the hot springs which were located 30 minutes away in a bus ride (黄山温泉). In this hot springs, there were different warm pools with different kind of leaves and ingredients that is perfect to recover from a big hike like this one.

After the hot springs, we stayed over in the same hotel which was a pleasant experience and next morning we headed to the old village of Hongcun (宏村). This is a very picturesque village that is really difficult not to keep on clicking the camera to capture scenes of nature. Entering the village we went up a charming concrete bridge which in the distance the circular shape of the bridge comes in full circle as its image reflects the water. Lotus plants are floating on the lake seeing a flower or two during our visit yet it was a lovely sight. 

Surrounding the lake you can see lots of students with their easel & paint, capturing the landscape on paper on how it appears on their artistic mind. Looking at the clear serene lake water, you can see the reflections of the tall gigantic centuries old trees, like a clear mirror it captures the colors of the leaves as if trees are growing on the surface of the lake.

Going around the village you can peep inside some of the old buildings which are filled with antique furniture & well kept garden. The village was constructed in harmony with the lake surrounding it thus it becomes one with nature.

The HongCun village is 1 hour bus ride away from the yellow mountains and should be definitely a must see place within this trip.

After our day trip, we got the train from 黄山北站 to 合肥站, in Hefei, the capital of Anhui. This is a really well developed city and the first thing you´ll notice is the amazing landscape of sky scrapers. We didnt spend much time here as we had to head to the airport and fly back to Zhuhai.

Overall this hiking experience and sailing through the ancient times in China was a spectacular experience that is really well recommended! 

Monday 9 November 2015

The First Week of Internship in China

The very first week of my 6-months internship was so intense and exciting for me that I was completely erased from my friends and parents' view: they didn't receive any photos or calls from me, only short messages that everything was fine - that was all I had time for. I expected the work to be interesting, but the pleasure I got from it exceeded all the possible expectations.

On my first weekend here, in China, when I finally started my investigation of the city, another one pleasure was on the watch for me.

Zhuhai, without any exaggeration, has become the love at first sight. What an overwhelming mix of Hollywood hills and mountains, Dubai palm trees and seaside, Monaco ultra-modern multi-storey buildings, sub-tropical climate, and Chinese culture.
The First Week of Internship in China 

I've been to China before, visiting Beijing and Shanghai, and I can say that Zhuhai is completely different. Here you can feel a pacification and relaxation simply by enjoying the beauty of skylines. The people are friendly and always ready to help, and for sure, the food, being so diverse, exotic and new, is beyond all praise. Can't wait for tasting the delicacies in the local seafood market!
The First Week of Internship in China

I also enjoyed walking in parks, where people are laying on the grass, playing with children and flying toys on strings. Not without purpose Zhuhai is called the city of gardens: the parks here are huge and impressively beautiful.
The First Week of Internship in China

I am very lucky to be the part of such a fantastic opportunity to get the new experience in the international company, so big thanks to the ODM Group for letting me take the chance.
The First Week of Internship in China

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon!

Now it's my time to leave China and it's really difficult describe my adventure here, as I have experienced so much during my 3 months stay here in Zhuhai. When I first arrived, I found a lot of things difficult to adapt to, because of the large cultural differences from Denmark to China. Luckily I managed to adapt to the Chinese culture very quickly, which is why I'm now saying "Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon".

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

During the past months I've had the chance to experience a lot and Zhuhai got a lot of opportunities and beautiful surroundings to help with this. Mountains with a stunning view, which you can read more about in my past blog about Mt. Jingshan Park

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

China is a huge country with many beautiful skylines. I had the opportunity to enjoy the one in Guangzhou. This city is on one of my favourite here in China, because it's a good mix of the modern Chinese architecture and old traditions. At the nighttime the city's skyline is even more beautiful with the soundings of Canton Tower in the background and the bright light shining down to the river. 

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

A must see for everyone who comes to China must be the "Avatar Mountains" in Zhangjiajie, only 1 hour and 50 min flight from Guangzhou. It's been on the top of UNESCO's list as one of the most beautiful areas around the world for many years now. These mountains are really an experience I've never forget. Beautiful peaks and viewpoints, and its continuing forever. It's a wonderland where everyone easily can fall in love with the surroundings.  

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

It has been a pleasure to do my internship here in China. A BIG THANKS to The ODM Group for learning me so much and being so nice. Also a BIG THANKS to Internchina for proving good service during my stay here in China. 

I'm going to miss many people over here, and I have made some valuable friends over here, which I hope to catch up with in the future. 

- Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! (Ping Pong Deepak)

Thursday 24 September 2015

Come Together 2015

Volunteering at Come Together 2015 on behalf of The ODM Group was a great experience. The festival is an annual charity music festival that brings expats and locals together, supporting the local community and raising an outstanding amount for charity.

The Charities

Being Southern China's largest charity concert, we raised lots of money for Zhuhai Autism society, specialised in educating children with autism. This charity empowers young children with Autism, a great cause and a brilliant festival.

We also raised money for the Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai, another great cause trickling down through charities around Zhuhai, providing assistance to vulnerable sectors of society.

The Events 

Many of Zhuhai's local bars and restaurants held tents in the food and drinks area from London Lounge to Jewel of India, all collectively raising money from their sales. A wide variety of food and drinks where available, western and eastern.

The Acts this year were phenomenal, bands played throughout the day in Beishan theater, bringing an electric atmosphere to a beautiful venue. The acts ranged from relaxing in the day and peaked towards the end of the event with high energy songs like "Hey Jude". Everyone was encouraged to get on stage and sing along.

I am sure next year will be another successful festival, with the support of companies like The ODM Group and others around Zhuhai, and the support of the local community, this has had a real impact on children in less fortunate situations. 

Keep your eyes open for next years event and be sure to support and have a great time!

Tuesday 22 September 2015

My first Few Days In China

My First Few Days In China 

 After recently graduating from university In Cardiff,  I've finally started my next big journey in Zhuhai, China! After recently arriving from a small town (Tamworth) in a relatively small country (geographically), to huge, busy and vibrant country my expectations of being culturally and academically immersed  have not been disappointed. 

This is what motivated me to come here, and to work for The ODM Group to improve and expand upon what I have previously learnt about cultures and business practices. The beginnings of what will one day hopefully set me on a path to a successful career.

Starting my journey off in Hong Kong my initial impressions of China was of a dense, exciting, Multicultural place with massive skyscrapers the like of which I've never seen before. 

After spending one night in Hong Kong I travelled next to Macau a similar place due to its high western influence but a big twist of being very much casino and gambling orientated city that definitely deserved the title of 'eastern Las vegas'. 

Finally it was off to Zhuhai, where I will be living for the next 2 months. When I arrived I found a city with big open green spaces and pleasant beaches contrasting to the claustrophobic manic streets of Hong Kong and Macau. What I wasn't expecting was the vast difference between the post-colonial settlements of Hong Kong and Macau and mainland China . Everything from the food, landscapes, mannerisms and the lack of english speakers all overwhelmed me at first! But now I have managed to take control of the situation and I'm ready to go head first into the remainder of my time China and I can honestly said I'm filled with immense excitement of whats to come.  

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China

My days are numbered here in Zhuhai, China. Now, during my last days it's time to do a review on my experiences in this beautiful country.
As I already wrote about Chinese food, I want to focus on the amazing landscape and and the city of Zhuhai. 

One of the things I will never forget is Chinese nature with its incredible landscapes like on Wailingding Dao. Wailingding Dao is one of Zhuhai's 146 islands and with the ferry about 2 hours away from Zhuhai. There aren't any cars on the island and the air is very good, a pleasure in China. On my Wailingding trip with the other interns, we explored a Chinese jungle path with huge spiders and on its end we found an moldered "Mad-Max-esque" quarry with this flooded gravel pit.

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
The location of my internship, Zhuhai is a wonderful city. With the Fisher Girl as its landmark and located on the seaside it's an amazing place to be.
Being as the area Guangdong is the cleanest area in China and an economically important place, it is a great spot for an internship, as it's so close to Hong Kong and Macao.

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
I'll spend my last weekend in China in Hong Kong and I'm really looking forward to the day I'm coming back to China and especially back to the wonderful city Zhuhai. 

In the end I want to thank InternChina to make the last two month possible and especially The ODM Group for this great internship!

See you!

Sunday 6 September 2015

Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

As some of you might know, this week it was a special 3-day holiday as the way to celebrate the victory over Japan in the World War II. I have been here for a month already and this holiday was the longest time off work I have had here so far. So I thought it would be a waste of time not to go travelling.

Guangzhou was the right choice for that, one of the biggest cities in China with population over 14 million and lots of tourism attractions, it was a very promising trip. Below I highlighted some of the must-see places.
Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

Canton tower

I started off with one of the most famous attraction of the city. One of the iconic buildings that makes up Guangzhou’s famous skyline and is also known as the world’s tallest TV tower.
I would recommend to go to the Four Seasons’ bar on the top floor – one of the best places to enjoy spectacular view on the Pearl Delta River and the whole city, while sipping a drink or two.
Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

Beijing Lu

Beijing street is a place to be if you want to shop and practise your bargaining skills. Or simply feel the atmosphere of Asian market stalls and try one of the most amazing street food. Personally, I highly recommend Pekin duck wraps – it is the best snack.

Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

To sum up, it was a really great trip and definitely one of the most memorable adventures I have had during my stay in China.

Monday 24 August 2015

Entering China: The beginning of a 6 month journey.

I've aspired towards China as a place to work and live,  and being an International Business student from a country that once dominated world economics (England), I recognized the economic shift to Asia and anticipated a slice of the economic pie.

This is what motivated me to come here, and to work for The ODM Group, where I excite at the thought of surrounding myself with those more knowledgeable, to improve and expand upon what I have previously learnt. The beginnings of what will one day hopefully set me on a path to a successful career.

My initial impressions of China were of Shenzhen, the rapidly expanding city with ridiculous traffic for a Sunday afternoon. I was not expecting such a vast city with such quantity of skyscrapers, and yet among it all lies tranquil gardens with the echo of traditional Chinese music. The main distraction from the beauty being the extreme humidity, something i was not prepared for!
Shenzhen Lianshuahan Park

After Shenzhen I traveled to Zhuhai, my home for the next 6 months. Here I was pleasantly surprised to find it less chaotic then Shenzhen, but still with a city vibe, and although i have only be here for a day so far I enjoy the idiom of 'jumping into the deep water and learning how to swim' to describe my cultural experience.

Friday 21 August 2015

Final days in Zhuhai

The day has come for me to leave Zhuhai. It is with mixed feelings that I am saying goodbye to the place that I’ve called home for the last three months. It will be great to finally come home and see my friends and family that I’ve been away from for so long. On the other hand it will be difficult to leave when I’ve met so many amazing people throughout my time here. But as they say – all good things must come to an end.

Guangzhou skyline

I’ve had the chance to experience a lot during these past few months, from visiting tropical islands to exploring metropolises such as Guangzhou. It has been a life changing experience and something that I will never forget. Coming back to China after I graduate is definitely something that I have considered more than once. While the travelling has been amazing, the main reason why I came here was to work. During my time at the ODM group I have gained a lot of professional and personal skills. Having so many nationalities working together really increases your knowledge about different cultures. Working abroad is also something that will look great on my CV and increase my employability in the future.

Due to the location of Zhuhai in the Pearl River Delta I will get the chance to visit Hong Kong and Macau for the week that I have left here. Taking some time off and travelling before university starts again is something that I am looking forward to.
Whether it’s for working or travelling I hope I get to visit this place again. My time here has definitely opened my eyes for China.

Thursday 20 August 2015

Mt. Jingshan Park, Zhuhai - A Great Sunday Trip!

After 3 weeks spend in Zhuhai, I haven't really explored this city in personal yet. I normally work 10 hours per day, and spend my weekends outside Zhuhai. I therefore decided that it was time to stay a see what Zhuhai has on it's program. 

After another Saturday out having drinks with friends around here, we planned to use our Sunday hiking up a mountain to burn some calories, after lasts nights unhealthy dinner. The mountain is placed inside the Mt. Jingshan Park and leads hikers up to the famous Fisherman statue, looking down at his famous wife, The Fisher Girl, (Symbols of Zhuhai)   

View from the mountain - Half way up

In that fact that people are in different shapes, did we need to hike up the mountain slowly, which typically doesn't fit me, because I love physical exercises etc.. I took advantages of peoples bad shape and took some amazing pictures instead, meanwhile waiting for them.

The girls are posing for a picture - Close to the top

The girls caught us halfway up. Maybe they weren't in such bad shape anyway. 

The Zhuhai Fisherman - Looking for his Fishergirl

We finally reached the top of the mountain, after some beautiful 360 degrees panorama views on our way up the mountain. When we reached the top, we explored the famous Fisherman monument.     

The slide down the mountain 

Everybody was exhausted after the climb, which resulted in taking down the slide of the mountain. We used more than 2 hours climbing up the mountain, and only 5 minutes to come down :) 
This mountain in Mt. Jingshan Park is definitely a visit worth if you are planning to stay in Zhuhai for a while. 

This was another great experience as well. Next weeks trip is going Foshan, and I can't wait to blog about that next time. 

Friday 14 August 2015

New country, new food

After two weeks in China, I already had some great experiences. One part of the Chinese culture is the great Chinese food. If you can't speak Chinese you should go to one of the numerous restaurants which have pictures on the menu, just to know what you're going to order.

But once you made it to order, it will be awesome!

New country, new food
One of China's specialties is salmon slices. You get them on ice and eat it like sushi with soy sauce.

New country, new food
One property at this salmon dinner is that you get everything of the salmon fish, when you order the slices. That means you will get the ordered filet slices and the rest of the fish fried as starter.

I'm really impressed of the amazing Chinese food I got until now and I'm really curious what I can discover in the remaining 6 weeks.

Thursday 13 August 2015

Weekend Trip To Shenzhen!

I have now spend nearly two weeks in China and I'm already about to fall in love with this place. The food, the cultural differences, the architecture and my job here.
As mentioned in my latest blog in here, will Zhuhai be my residence for the next 3 months. One of the benefits by living Zhuhai is that the city is geographically placed very well if you want to explore Southern China - So this is pretty much want we all do every weekend.

Last weekend we where a larger group, who decided to go to Shenzhen. The city is next to Hong Kong and only 1 hour away from Zhuhai by ferry, so we didn't need to use many hours on transportation.

Shenzhen is a major city in the Guangdong Provence with a total population around 15 million people. Shenzhen's modern cityscape is the result of its vibrant economy, because of a lot of foreign investments. I was therefore looking forward to explore this modern city.

Shenzhen's modern cityscape
When we arrived there in the evening, we went around those fascinating buildings and actually got lost because we where truly too much fascinated of this enormous city. 

Exploring Sea World square 
Next morning we went around the city, and discovered that the city actually has more than only tall skyscrapers on its program. The Sea World square is a new area, with inspiration for western buildings. 

Old sculpture in Splendid China Theme Park
After breakfast in Sea World area, we decided to go and explore some of China's history. The theme park, Splendid China is a park where China's history is visualised in a new and more fashionable way. 

Random selfie with Chinese people outside Splendid China
Splendid China, was definitely a good experience. The experience was not only supposed to be good for ourselves, in the matter of fact that a lot of Chinese people finds it pretty much attractive to have pictures together with foreigners, as in everywhere in China. 

After such a good experience in Shenzhen, can I not wait to blog about my next upcoming experience here in China. 

Thursday 6 August 2015

My first days in China

Hello everyone out there, my name is Tom and I'm a 19 years old male from Germany, currently studying for my undergraduate degree in Business Management and Sales at Heilbronn University.
I just started a marketing and sales internship at a outsourcing company called the ODM Group.
I'm staying in a shared apartment with two other interns from the UK in the south of Zhuhai, called Gongbei.

Sunrise over Zhuhai seen from my balcony

Arriving on Thursday I just had 5 days in Zhuhai, but I could already experience very much.
On Sunday, I went together with other interns from InternChina on a waterfall trip in the mountains outside of Zhuhai. Having around 35 degrees we went a little bit through the Chinese jungle and hiked up a mountain to the waterfall.

View from the mountain 
  It was totally worth it climbing the mountain

I'm really looking forward to the next 2 month here in China and can't wait to start working for the company and learning new skills.

Tuesday 4 August 2015

The New Yuan Ming Palace - Zhuhai

After only one day spend here in Zhuhai, I planned to visit one of the city's biggest tourist attractions here, The New Yuan Ming Palace. This place is definitely a visit worth, and especially because it is located in relatively central in Zhuhai so you don't need to use hours on transportation. And about that, I really not needed hours of transportation this day, because we where a bigger group of interns here in Zhuhai who went out on bars the night before.
After a cold shower around 10:00-11:00 am my flat mates and I took the bus down to the palace to discover the place.

The Palace seen from outside
The palace is a smaller copy of a bigger one, which is placed in Beijing and even though, it still has around 10.000.000 visitors a year. The palace has beautiful surroundings as well with a huge lake and a mountain from where you can jump on cable cars and enjoy the view up. 

The view of Zhuhai from the cable cars up the mountain
After a cold beer and a break from the sun, we spend 40 RMB each so we could enjoy the view up the mountain next to the palace in cable cars. This trip was just simply amazing and breath taken in the same time, you barely forgot all about your hangover from yesterday. 

Hiking down the mountain
After a stunning view we decided to hike down all the way down, which was just as beautiful as the trip up the mountain, because we reached the sunset. 

This trip was really an amazing experience, and I'm really looking forward for new experiences like this within next 3 months in Zhuhai. 

Thursday 16 July 2015

我对珠海第一印象 My First Impressions of Zhuhai

Bordering the bright lights of Macau and nestled in the Pearl River Delta, the city of Zhuhai resembles the rivers namesake. A place where the international world of Macau can mix with Chinese sensibilities, to make a vibrant and exciting city. Renowned in China for being the most livable city, as voted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, it even managed to best Hong Kong in the rankings. No small feat for a city that was only founded in 1979, where it began as a one of the first Special Economic Zones due to the locations’ closeness to the then Portuguese colony of Macau. 

Though Guangdong’s summer temperatures can at times resemble the surface of the Sun, Zhuhai is blessed with sea breezes that keep the humidity at bay, yearly the temperature averages at 22oC. Zhuhai is famous not only for its’ comfortable climate, but also for its’ fantastic eating and shopping options. Notably the Wet Market of Zhuhai is any food aficionados dream come true; while the Underground Shopping Centre beside the Main Railway station has fake branded items for all those who wish to look the part, but do not want to pay the full price. Furthermore are the International High-end Malls in the West of Zhuhai, where one can find the best shops, restaurants and bars that this fair city has to offer.
Although Zhuhai may not have the lights of Shanghai or the history of Beijing, it is a city of relaxed vibes with beautiful surrounding scenery, a fantastic environment of green trees and blue skies, and coastline that stretches for 690 kilometres.

Not a bad view for an afternoon stroll

Though I have only been in Zhuhai for a short amount of time, the calm and slow way of life here is peaceful compared to the hustle of the big three main cities. There is always plenty to do and see; and if boredom takes its toll then there is no better place to go than to the 146 tropical islands within the city and see a side of China that you couldn’t see from an armchair.

As for myself, I’m Vincent, 24 years old from the UK. I have spent the past year studying Mandarin in Guangzhou, where I had the opportunity to visit Zhuhai briefly on the way to Macau, in a foolhardy attempt to win my fortune. After concluding my studies, I wished to gain professional work experience whilst also being able to use my Chinese in a professional setting. It was thus I contacted InternChina, who put me in contact with The ODM Group. The ODM Group is an international outsourcing company, based in Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Singapore. This company would provide the perfect opportunity for me to learn from a group of high-calibre individuals, while also helping to advance the skills and abilities I already have.
I shall be in Zhuhai for the next six months, and I relish the opportunities and challenges that will come with it. After all who can complain with 22oC average temperatures and the beach only a walk away.

Friday 26 June 2015

Dragon Boat Weekend

This weekend I got the chance to witness the famous Dragon Boat Festival which takes place every year in China. The history behind this event is long and fascinating, dating back over 2000 years. In 278bc during the Warring States period, poet and minister, Qu Yuan committed suicide by drowning himself in protest of the corruption going on at the time. The locals are said to have tried to save him by dropping balls of rice into the river in an attempt to make the fish eat the rice instead of him. This gave rise to both the dragon boat festival and zongzi, a traditional rice dish eaten at the day. 

Dragon Boat Weekend
A friend of mine found out about celebrations going on in Foshan which is located close to Zhuhai. A few of his Chinese coworkers offered to drive us around and take us to the festivities. We got there around 12 meaning that we had 2 hours to spare before it actually started. The Chinese coworkers took us to a local restaurant that had some interesting food. We were served chicken feet and head, frogs, and a lot of other things which I don't know it was. Might not have been the best meal I've had here but it was definitely one to remember!

Dragon Boat Weekend
Seeing the dragon boats compete against each other was really cool. I was surprised at how big they were. Some of them had at least 50 rowers. Unfortunately we had to catch the train back at 5 so we couldn't stay to watch the whole thing.

My Remote Internship Experience: At the Midpoint

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