Tuesday 5 January 2016

My ODM Experience! (so far)

I think people, firms and schools (myself included) underestimate the importance of practical experiences. I can honestly say that I have learnt more about life in the last two weeks, than in the entire of my academic fifteen years.

For me, I’ve been focused on the social media side of things, in particular updating and adding to the various blogging pages and websites maintained by ODM. At first, I struggled, but with anything its important not to give up and keep pushing through, and now I believe that I hold a comprehensive understanding and have acquired practical tools on how social channels can really push businesses and brands forward.

I read a book once and it said, our work can exist at three levels: job, career or calling. A job being considered as a pure transaction; I put in ‘x amount of hours’ and expect ‘x amount back’. A career being for more ambitious people doing a little more than the bare minimum and considering the long term. Or a calling, so meaningful that we would continue to work even if we had won the lottery.

I don’t believe that anyone grows up believing that they want to view their job as a transaction, but things happen, and sometimes those things manifest incredibly high walls making it hard to climb over. I have been and try to remind myself as frequently as I can, incredibly fortunate, and have experienced the things that I have largely due to the country I was born in. Though, what I have found at ODM is an area of profession that I truthfully I enjoy, and one which I want to continue to pursue apr├Ęs my two month internship.

After studying in Hong Kong for 6 months previous to this internship, I have found Zhuhai a huge gush of fresh air, literally! Although only a 30 min ferry ride from Hong Kong, it's a completely different way of life! Much more relaxed, and much less westernised, which I like. I have exceedingly enjoyed my time here so far, and cant wait to explore the city more in the next coming weeks.

I have had an amazing experience here and would strongly recommend interning with ODM Group and the service that InternChina has provided has been fantastic.

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