Thursday 29 December 2011

Zhuhai- Lovers Road

The coastal path circling Zhuhai is aptly named Lovers Road- I wouldn't suggest going by yourself, reminds you how alone you are!

It starts off in Gongbei and goes through Jida, to the top of Xiangzhou, including stopping off at the Fisher Girl (one of the only good places to be single at on lovers road).

The Fisher Girl Zhuhai Interns in Zhuhai!
As you walk past the Fisher girl and the hundreds of people, you will now be in between Jida and Xiangzhou, as you continue your walk up towards Xiangzhou you start to go through a palm tree lit road (according to a friend, each one cost 20,000 USD):

Lover's Road Zhuhai- Jida to Xianghou

At the top of this road you will find the Island- a small island where the new Opera House is currently being built. On the bridge over to the island you can see the floating restaurant, a great place to eat seafood, but prepare to pay western prices!

Zhuhai's Floating Restaurant 
Why become an intern at The ODM Group, and you could have these views everyday on the way to work!

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Friday 23 December 2011

Ding Ding in Hong Kong

During your stay in Hong Kong, you definitely have to experience the city life by hopping onto the tram, also known as the "Ding Ding". The Tram only travels on Hong Kong Island and our ODM office happens to be located in Wan Chai, lucky me!

The Traditional Looking Tram...

Just recently, Hong Kong Tramways have decided to upgrade this service and I spotted the new Ding Ding during lunch time today!

Upgraded Trams, looking good! 
Changes are made both in terms of the interior and exterior. It does not bring in the traditional vintage style to it anymore but blends in the modern style to it. Parallel seats are also changed to vertical seats just like the normal buses.

Will go into more details after getting a ride on this upgraded tram, stay tuned! A very prominent form of transport in Hong Kong, how about making some stressballs in the shape of the Ding Ding?

Tuesday 20 December 2011

Go-Karting in Zhuhai

If there's something you need to do in Zhuhai, it has got to be Go-Karting! It's been told by many that you cannot leave this place without trying it out. Just ask Joe, our ODM staff based in Zhuhai and you will know how exciting it is!

Go Kart In Zhuhai

Underground Car Park Race Track! 

You will be amazed by how they work. There is barely any friction on the ground as you can see from the picture above. The race track is also located in an underground car park! However, safety measures just as helmets are still taken. I think I drifted 4 times within 10 mins and bang into the tyres twice!!! Do try it out if you happen to be in Zhuhai!

Location: Parking Lot, BC Area, South China Mall, Wangjiang District, Dongguan 
Price: 40 RMB/10Mins 

Exciting isn't it? ODM offers internship programs and we have an office in Zhuhai, drop us an email if you're interested! 

Monday 19 December 2011

Funny Signboards In China

Always keep a look out for Signboards when you are travelling around China. You will see unusual and interesting ones around! This was spotted at the airport of Taizhou Yesterday! 

It is actually a staircase that leads into a ceiling with a sign prohibiting access. Interesting signs with no real purpose? Do keep a look out for these random signs, can be really funny at times! 

Speaking of signboards, they are great way to advertise to your brand! Look at how the combination of colours in the photo above, don't they just capture your attention? 

Why not give our ODM website a look, we have lots of posts with regards to signage!

Feel free to send us pictures of interesting signs if you see em around! 

Friday 16 December 2011

Motorbikes in China

Probably one of the reasons that there are not many roller coasters in China- they are everywhere and definitely not for the faint hearted.  Recently I was in Xiamen on business visiting factories (more blogs on this to come!!), and motorbikes are pretty much the only way you can travel in these districts as taxis are so few and far between.

Motorbikes in Xiamen- Interns in Asia!!

The motorbike men sit on the side of the roads, and if you look a little lost- most of them will come and ask you where you want to go. This is one of the cheapest types of transport, usually around half the price of the taxis, even cheaper if two of you share one!

All of these stories are coming to you straight from real interns in a real company- The ODM Group. If you think you have got what it takes, send us an email!!

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