Thursday 16 July 2015

我对珠海第一印象 My First Impressions of Zhuhai

Bordering the bright lights of Macau and nestled in the Pearl River Delta, the city of Zhuhai resembles the rivers namesake. A place where the international world of Macau can mix with Chinese sensibilities, to make a vibrant and exciting city. Renowned in China for being the most livable city, as voted by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, it even managed to best Hong Kong in the rankings. No small feat for a city that was only founded in 1979, where it began as a one of the first Special Economic Zones due to the locations’ closeness to the then Portuguese colony of Macau. 

Though Guangdong’s summer temperatures can at times resemble the surface of the Sun, Zhuhai is blessed with sea breezes that keep the humidity at bay, yearly the temperature averages at 22oC. Zhuhai is famous not only for its’ comfortable climate, but also for its’ fantastic eating and shopping options. Notably the Wet Market of Zhuhai is any food aficionados dream come true; while the Underground Shopping Centre beside the Main Railway station has fake branded items for all those who wish to look the part, but do not want to pay the full price. Furthermore are the International High-end Malls in the West of Zhuhai, where one can find the best shops, restaurants and bars that this fair city has to offer.
Although Zhuhai may not have the lights of Shanghai or the history of Beijing, it is a city of relaxed vibes with beautiful surrounding scenery, a fantastic environment of green trees and blue skies, and coastline that stretches for 690 kilometres.

Not a bad view for an afternoon stroll

Though I have only been in Zhuhai for a short amount of time, the calm and slow way of life here is peaceful compared to the hustle of the big three main cities. There is always plenty to do and see; and if boredom takes its toll then there is no better place to go than to the 146 tropical islands within the city and see a side of China that you couldn’t see from an armchair.

As for myself, I’m Vincent, 24 years old from the UK. I have spent the past year studying Mandarin in Guangzhou, where I had the opportunity to visit Zhuhai briefly on the way to Macau, in a foolhardy attempt to win my fortune. After concluding my studies, I wished to gain professional work experience whilst also being able to use my Chinese in a professional setting. It was thus I contacted InternChina, who put me in contact with The ODM Group. The ODM Group is an international outsourcing company, based in Zhuhai, Hong Kong and Singapore. This company would provide the perfect opportunity for me to learn from a group of high-calibre individuals, while also helping to advance the skills and abilities I already have.
I shall be in Zhuhai for the next six months, and I relish the opportunities and challenges that will come with it. After all who can complain with 22oC average temperatures and the beach only a walk away.

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