Tuesday 7 February 2012

Furniture Warehouse- Xia Wan Pi Fa Shi Chang

This week, to equip our every expanding Zhuhai office, me and another intern ventured out to Xia Wan to the furniture warehouse:

Xia Wan Furniture Emporium 
I quickly came to the conclusion walking round Xia Wan that this is where all of the landlords by their crappy domestic appliances for half the price. In a 5 minute walk around the outer corners of the wholesale mall you can see everything from mattresses stacked 20 high to air conditioners to deep fat fryers. 

Every avenue you walk down takes you down a new street full of goods that can't have hit the floor of the factory before they were shipped in here:

A landlord's wet dream- second hand furniture city
This is definitely the place to go when you need to kit out a new apartment in Zhuhai. As always- I suggest you go with a Chinese friend to stop you from getting ripped off massively by the locals!

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