Wednesday 24 July 2013

One of the Shopping Haven in Hong Kong – Fa Yuen Street

Looking for cheap yet good-looking clothes? Do not miss out on this very famous shopping street in Hong Kong at Mong Kok, the Fa Yuen Street Market! There is a whole long stretch of shops that are selling the most fashionable but of good quality female clothing.

Check out this bustling crowded shopping haven at Mong Kok!

One of the Shopping Haven in Hong Kong – Fa Yuen Street

Over here, you would surely be able to purchase the kind of clothes that you are searching for! Most of the shops at the Fa Yuen Street specialize in selling the trendiest young female teenagers’ clothes. There also also a few other shops that sells sports wear, phone accessories, children’s toys and etc. Walk down to the other street and you’ll be able to find all the delicious street food! Grab some to fill your growling tummy if you are hungry midway while shopping.

If you are not satisfied with this shopping street, fret not. Head over to the New Town Mall just across the street! A total of 4 storeys full of female teenagers’ clothes at very attractive prices as well.

Take a look at the New Town Mall, in case you missed this shopping mall when you passed by it!

Mongkok New Town Mall

At the New Town Mall, you are also able to shop till you drop! Remember to exit at D2 from Mong Kok MTR station. This way, you would be able to see this shopping mall right in front of your eyes!

There are actually many other good shopping areas for teenagers’ fashion clothing. But these are two of the best I managed to find at Mong Kok! Make sure you do visit these places when you are here in Hong Kong!

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