Wednesday 2 October 2013

Getting to Shenzhen from Wanchai, Hong Kong

Going to Shenzhen from Hong Kong is extremely easy, fast and simple. This time, I went to Shenzhen from Wan Chai. Read one more to find out my journey! I used a different route when returning, and this method is the fastest. 

I left the office at 2:30pm.

Firstly, you have to take the train from Wan Chai. This is because you will be taking the train all the way to Shenzhen!
Wan Chai Station
This is the stop where I took the train. Wan Chai. 
Red Line
I took it towards Tseun Wan. 
Admiralty Station
Alighted at the next stop, Admiralty.
Tsim Sha Tsui Station
I changed the MTR line and alighted at Tsim Sha Tsui.

This part is quite tricky. This is because you will be leaving the station and walking to the next station! No worries, just follow my images and you will get there!

Leaving Tsim Sha Tsui
Take the escalator up
Exiting the TST Station
Exit the station
East TST Sign
Walk towards the sign that is pink in color
Directional Sign
It says: East Tsim Sha Tsui
Left turn
Just follow the sign
Walk ahead
You will reach this left turn. It is actually a 5min walk, so all you have to do is walk.
5min walkway
5 min walkway
5 min walkway
5 min walkway
It is indeed, quite a long walk.
End of 5 min walkway
At the end, you will see the pink sign, pointing right. Turn right and keep walking. 
Walkway to East TST Station
It looks like this. Another stretch of walkway. 
East TST Gantry
Finally, at the end, you will see this gantry. Tap your octopus card and enter!  
Hung Hom Station
Take towards Hong Hom station
East Tsim Sha Tsui
Towards Lo Wu Station
The destination: Lo Wu Station
Taking towards Hung Hom Station
Take towards Hung Hom Station. It is only 1 stop.
In the train towards Hung Hom Station
Hung Hom Station
After reaching, just take the train opposite. You will take the train all the way to the end. 

Lo Wu Station
Arriving in Lo Wu
Going towards Shenzhen
You can either follow the crowd or find the sign that says "Shenzhen" 
Walking towards Hong Kong Customs
Nearing Hong Kong Customs
At the Hong Kong Customs
Queuing at the Hong Kong Customs
Queue under the Visitor side. All international passport holders should queue in this lane while the Hong Kongers and Chinese Nationals will queue another place.
Waiting in line at the Hong Kong Customs
At the Hong Kong Customs
Leaving the Hong Kong Customs, going towards China
After clearing the Hong Kong Customs, you will walk another stretch of road.  
Walking towards China Customs
There, you will reach the China customs. Before you queue, remember to grab the arrival form!
Arrival card at China Customs
Fill it up, wait in line and then you will clear the customs! Honestly, the queue in the China side can take some time. Remember to wear comfortable footwear! Also, the arrival card has a departure card attached. Keep the departure card because you will need it to leave China.
Reached China: 3:45pm
Total cost: about HKD$50
Total time: 1h 15min

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