Tuesday 23 December 2014

ODM Group and Mindsparkz Christmas Dinner 2014

    XMAS has already arrived at ODM and Mindsparkz. We arranged last night a Christmas dinner at The Factory in Huafa We all had amazing dinner together sharing experiences and success stories throughout the year.
    This dinner also was special for our Chinese staff since it was the one of many yearly Chinese festivals,   the Winter of Solstice. Usually Chinese families get together on that day and have a big dinner, eating Tang-yuan, which represents best wish for family reunion. Special occasion to bond our international team!

Our team enjoying XMAS meal

    The Factory is located in Huafa Century Center with the popular western music. It's a very causal place where foreigners and Chinese have dinner, drinks and communicate with each other. It's the one of the most popular foreign bars in Zhuhai. There is no doubt that ODM staff as well as other interns in Zhuhai, like to go there for a few drinks on weekends.

    At ODM Group, we usually organise activities for interaction between colleagues such as company lunches, BBQ and games. We also organise factory visits and short trips around Guangdong so that our staff can learn the practical processes of factories and still have a fun time together!

    ODM Group and Mindsparkz wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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