Thursday 14 May 2015

Go-Karting in China!

One noticeable aspect about Zhuhai, is that despite it being a small city; in terms on Chinese cities, you will never find yourself at a loss of exciting actives to do.

Recently my friends and I went go-karting on a track that's conveniently only a 10 minute walk from my apartment, much like everything else in Zhuhai.

Go-Karting in China!
Go-Karting in China!
The first thing we noticed, it was extremely cheap - around 40 RMB ($6) for 10 minutes, which is much cheaper than in the UK. Plus with this you get the options of the type of go-kart you get to drive, such as larger ones with enough seats for a family of four, or a faster single-seat kart.

As with many things in China, the safety regulations are much less strict than Western countries, so there is was no real concern about safety gear, speed or how you go about beating the other racers!

As you can see above, the raise track is situated in a forested area, which makes the competitive sport surprisingly peaceful and relaxed.

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