Friday 23 December 2011

Ding Ding in Hong Kong

During your stay in Hong Kong, you definitely have to experience the city life by hopping onto the tram, also known as the "Ding Ding". The Tram only travels on Hong Kong Island and our ODM office happens to be located in Wan Chai, lucky me!

The Traditional Looking Tram...

Just recently, Hong Kong Tramways have decided to upgrade this service and I spotted the new Ding Ding during lunch time today!

Upgraded Trams, looking good! 
Changes are made both in terms of the interior and exterior. It does not bring in the traditional vintage style to it anymore but blends in the modern style to it. Parallel seats are also changed to vertical seats just like the normal buses.

Will go into more details after getting a ride on this upgraded tram, stay tuned! A very prominent form of transport in Hong Kong, how about making some stressballs in the shape of the Ding Ding?

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