Thursday 29 December 2011

Zhuhai- Lovers Road

The coastal path circling Zhuhai is aptly named Lovers Road- I wouldn't suggest going by yourself, reminds you how alone you are!

It starts off in Gongbei and goes through Jida, to the top of Xiangzhou, including stopping off at the Fisher Girl (one of the only good places to be single at on lovers road).

The Fisher Girl Zhuhai Interns in Zhuhai!
As you walk past the Fisher girl and the hundreds of people, you will now be in between Jida and Xiangzhou, as you continue your walk up towards Xiangzhou you start to go through a palm tree lit road (according to a friend, each one cost 20,000 USD):

Lover's Road Zhuhai- Jida to Xianghou

At the top of this road you will find the Island- a small island where the new Opera House is currently being built. On the bridge over to the island you can see the floating restaurant, a great place to eat seafood, but prepare to pay western prices!

Zhuhai's Floating Restaurant 
Why become an intern at The ODM Group, and you could have these views everyday on the way to work!

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