Monday 25 June 2012

Zhuhai - a Garden City for my internship

I've only been in Zhuhai for slightly more than a week now, but I feel like I have been living in this city forever. Zhuhai has most of what I like about my hometown - plus there are some things that I have always missed in Russia. This perfect mix makes the beginning of my internship extremely pleasant and fruitful.

Zhuhai has a reputation of a garden city and not without reason:  just some minutes before landing in the international airport of Zhuhai, I looked into the window and saw the city with lots and lots of trees intermingled with charming buildings which perfectly fit into natural surroundings. Zhuhai indeed boasts rich flora: trees, flowers, bushes and parks are everywhere.

View from the Shijishan Mountain (石景山)

Huafa Century - a residential area of Zhuhai
When I came out, I was greeted by a wave of warm air and it was clear from the beginning that I won’t get cold here. True! I got the warmest welcome from the Intern China, from my host family and at my workplace as well.

I was in good hands and had nothing to worry about – after a representative of Intern China met me at the airport, I was introduced to my family . The moment I walked into the house I saw a table full of Chinese traditional food.  What a great welcome...

Baozi (包子) - traditional Chinese food

I have tasted it all ! If you want to be healthy and fit, then Chinese cuisine might just be what the doctor ordered!

Traditional Chinese dishes

The next day Susan, a nice lady I was staying with, kindly agreed to show me around the city. We visited most of the famous spots of Zhuhai – from the Zhuhai Shijingshan Park (珠海石景山公園), which is a huge park, including an amazingly beautiful lake, to the Zhuhai fishing girl statue ( 珠海渔女) - the most famous tourist attraction of the city.

 Lake in the Shijingshan Park (石景山公園)

Zhuhai fishing girl (珠海 渔女) 

Then it was the time to get down to business so I was introduced to my boss and colleagues at the ODM group. From the very beginning I could feel the friendly atmosphere of this team. Being hard-working, ambitious and always ready to help my colleagues, I really want to drive the ODM group towards success.

Every day I get different tasks and this makes the job very challenging. If you want to unleash your creative potential and gain a unique experience of working in a great company, then the internship at ODM is what you need. Marketing, sales, working with international corporations are just a few areas this company works in.   I am even getting involved in Facebook.

In your free time you will  never get bored here: Intern China does its best to make the interns' free time useful and interesting. For the last week I have met lots and lots of my peers from various countries and backgrounds. This is amazing!

Me with the interns from Slovakia and Germany
As the saying goes, East or West, home is best. However, after internship in Zhuhai I will defintely have two homes.

Please, visit these links to find out what we do here at ODM:

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