Thursday 19 April 2012

Stanley - A Break from the Bustling City

Having been in Hong Kong for about a month now, I have experienced the bustling city and the hectic lifestyle of the locals. I was looking for a more relaxing way to spend my weekend and so I decided to head to Stanley to loosen up and enjoy the slow paced lifestyle.

To get to Stanley, you'll have to head to the road behind Wan Chai Market and board 6 or 6X. These 2 buses will bring you directly from Wan Chai to Stanley! A point to note, those who experience motion sickness should most probably board bus 6X because bus 6 will bring you up the mountain and down again which will definitely turn your stomach. On the way to Stanley, I went past Repulse Bay which boast of 2 beautiful white sandy beaches. I had the impulse to rush to the beach for a tan but I wasn't dresses for it and so I had to give it a miss this time. 
Up the mountain
Repulse Bay Beach
By the time I reached Stanley, it started drizzling. I quickly made my way to the famous Stanley Market which was sheltered and managed to do quite a bit of shopping while keeping myself out of the rain. Stanley Market is a very compact area of sheltered shops that sell all types of merchandises ranging from toys to clothes. I even spotted a few interesting promotional keyrings at some of the shops.
Stanley Market Entrance
After shopping at Stanley Market, I decided to head out to catch some fresh air.I made my way to Blake Pier which was a 10 minutes walk from Stanley Market. It was still drizzling at that time but with the cool sea breeze blowing gently, I didn't seem to mind at all. It was a relaxing stroll to the pier and upon reaching, I found myself surrounded by the magnificent view of the sea. Away from the bustling city, is this quiet place  where I could unwind, loosen up and immerse myself in the slower pace of life. I snapped a couple of pictures and moved on to my next destination, Hong Kong Maritime Museum.
View from Blake Pier
Hong Kong Maritime Museum was just right behind Blake Pier. It features the history of Hong Kong maritime trade and gave me an insight to how life was like on the seas in the past. Even though I did not get to enter the museum, but just by browsing through the outdoor exhibition, I found enriched by the cool and interesting facts.
Hong Kong Maritime Museum
I decided to head to a nearby cafe to chill and relax after enjoying the scenery of Stanley so I made my way to Stanley Plaza to explore the area. To my surprise, hidden in the small shopping mall are many small cafe that offers great coffee and snacks for a afternoon getaway. They even have vintage pinball machines that you can play! I ordered some snacks and sat down to indulge myself...

Stanley Plaza
40 year old Vintage Pinball Machine
Saffron Cafe - Marble Cheesecake & Latte
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