Friday 3 August 2012

All for a good cause @TEDxWanchai

This week 4 interns including myself volunteered to help out at TEDxWanchai, held at the Hong Kong Arts Centre. This organisation includes some inspirational speakers that have 'Ideas worth Spreading'. They are given 18mins to talk of their influential lives. TED serves a great purpose in raising awareness for charitable associations and campaign’s on world problems.

When we arrived, we received TEDx t-shirts to make us part of the crew. The day started off by greeting, ushering and serving coffee. For me this was a new experience, but it was lovely to see such a large variety of guests, young and old.

During the day I managed to catch two of the speakers during their talk. One of which was Rob Lilwall who wowed us with a story about his adventure cycling from Siberia all the way to back home to London. Despite the struggle of cycling 30,000 miles he amused us by sharing funny remarks about the trip. The money raised all went to a charity called Viva, giving greater opportunities to less fortunate children in China.

The next speaker, Robin Hwang from the Foodlink enlightened us with her family's aim to fight hunger and poverty in HK by reducing food wastage. Their organisation collects surplus food from hotels and delivers it to shelters for the needy.

As the talks came to an end the next stage was to serve food. The hall eventually became packed with guests and buzzing with conversations.

Crew members hard at work

After a long day, the occasion finally drew to a close around 9.30pm. The ODM team were tired from all the hard work, but through this experience we were able to meet new people and learn new things. Personally, I would consider taking part in something like this again as I found it rewarding.

Alyssa, Jaime and I taking a well earned rest.
 Some of us went to the after party at the Kee Club in Lan Kwai Fong. This was a lavish private members club where they were serving free drinks. It was an offer I could not miss!

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