Wednesday 29 August 2012

Interns at Dinner - Rainbow Seafood on Lamma Island

Yesterday, the ODM Asia team left early from work to have a farewell-cum-welcome dinner. We took a complementary boat ride, offered by the restaurant we made our reservation at - Rainbow Seafood Restaurant,  from Central Pier no. 9 to Lamma Island.

After a bumpy 20-30mins boat ride, we were settled down and had our food served to us. We had seaweed soup, lobster noodles, prawns, abalone, sweet and sour pork, fish, pepper crab, fried rice and steamed vegetables (and beer).

Though it was such a scrumptious meal, we could not finish every dish because the portions were just too big! It was also some of our French staff maiden adventure in trying Chinese styled seafood and they gave the thumbs up for it. I really loved the 2nd dish because the fusion of cheese and lobster was so good; the cheese literally melted in mouth.

All in all, this dinner was definitely a good closure for those whose internship journey is drawing to an end while a fantastic start to 3 of our new Singapore interns who will be starting next week. Thus, I would like to wish all our interns 'bonne chance & Bon Voyage'!

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