Friday 28 September 2012

E-Beer Festival in Huafa New Land - Zhuhai

On Saturday the 22. September there was a really cool event in a district in Zhuhai called Huafa New Land.
Huafa is a very beautiful place with nice shops, architecture and have the great view of the river and the lights from Gonbei. Huafa is placed on the other side of the river from Gongbei.
The event was an electronic beer festival, with great International DJ's playing different styles of music like House and Dupstep. The event was really well implemented but unfortunately lasted only a few hours from 6:00 to 10:00 pm.  There were refreshing beers from several countries, and you even got one for free with your ticket.
There was cool dancers, people that was specially dressed up with make up and cool accessories for the guests to laugh and have fun with. At the event also had a luxury car show with stunning models - for sure worth a good look.
There were many people enjoying the event, coming together to good music, beers and a nice chilled atmosphere.  Lots of Beer Promo gifts given out too... After the festival they had arranged a after-party at a bar nearby called The Factory. The bar had live music and was nice and chilled.

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