Wednesday 3 October 2012

Going To The Hospital In Zhuhai

When living in Zhuhai it is important to know how to get to the hospital in case anything happens, and here you have a basic guide.  In Chinese hospitals you need a identification card which you can transfer money to and use for payment - sort of similar to the public transport cards in many major cities..
The hospital in Zhuhai is in the center of the city.  You can here see the main entrance to the hospital below.
Nice new building so on the outside everything looks good...
When coming inside there is a sign of what level you have to go, in this case foreigner has to go to level 5 to visit the VIP clinic.
Arriving the fifth floor and you are at the vip floor, here you just have to show your identification card and they will get you through to an English speaking doctor who will take you through the line and help you with your request. 
In our experience the service was friendly, efficient and fast.  Many people will use hospitals for GP style services and costs were overall reasonable for standard care.  Now you just have to go back at the same way to exit the building..

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