Tuesday 4 November 2014

Zhuhai Updates: HUAFA NEW CENTURY MALL (华发商都 )

2014 has been a hectic year in Zhuhai where the expat community has grown faster and new companies have started to establish in the city.

The main public spot that really has grabbed people´s attention is the 180.000sqm  Huafa New Mall located in an ever growing Huafa New Town (华发新城).

The mall features clothing shops such as “H&M”, “Uniqlo”, “Lee” and “Just Cavali” among others, all of which have been attracting many people who would usually buy their clothing online or change their habits to standard chinese shops.

Huafa area in Zhuhai is really looking western enough with loads of british / german / american restaurants which have definitely benefited from the raised numbers of expats living in town.

Everything is speeding up in South China as the bridge connecting HK, Macao and Zhuhai is in its last phase of construction.  The bridge will have an impressive impact on China´s economy, especially Zhuhai, as the economy will be mainly focused in Guandong area. 

The city of Zhuhai is yet to discover its expansion in an ever developing economy and will definitely have a stronger name in China.

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