Wednesday 21 October 2015

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon!

Now it's my time to leave China and it's really difficult describe my adventure here, as I have experienced so much during my 3 months stay here in Zhuhai. When I first arrived, I found a lot of things difficult to adapt to, because of the large cultural differences from Denmark to China. Luckily I managed to adapt to the Chinese culture very quickly, which is why I'm now saying "Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon".

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

During the past months I've had the chance to experience a lot and Zhuhai got a lot of opportunities and beautiful surroundings to help with this. Mountains with a stunning view, which you can read more about in my past blog about Mt. Jingshan Park

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

China is a huge country with many beautiful skylines. I had the opportunity to enjoy the one in Guangzhou. This city is on one of my favourite here in China, because it's a good mix of the modern Chinese architecture and old traditions. At the nighttime the city's skyline is even more beautiful with the soundings of Canton Tower in the background and the bright light shining down to the river. 

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

A must see for everyone who comes to China must be the "Avatar Mountains" in Zhangjiajie, only 1 hour and 50 min flight from Guangzhou. It's been on the top of UNESCO's list as one of the most beautiful areas around the world for many years now. These mountains are really an experience I've never forget. Beautiful peaks and viewpoints, and its continuing forever. It's a wonderland where everyone easily can fall in love with the surroundings.  

Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! 

It has been a pleasure to do my internship here in China. A BIG THANKS to The ODM Group for learning me so much and being so nice. Also a BIG THANKS to Internchina for proving good service during my stay here in China. 

I'm going to miss many people over here, and I have made some valuable friends over here, which I hope to catch up with in the future. 

- Goodbye Zhuhai and See You Again Soon! (Ping Pong Deepak)

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