Thursday 24 September 2015

Come Together 2015

Volunteering at Come Together 2015 on behalf of The ODM Group was a great experience. The festival is an annual charity music festival that brings expats and locals together, supporting the local community and raising an outstanding amount for charity.

The Charities

Being Southern China's largest charity concert, we raised lots of money for Zhuhai Autism society, specialised in educating children with autism. This charity empowers young children with Autism, a great cause and a brilliant festival.

We also raised money for the Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai, another great cause trickling down through charities around Zhuhai, providing assistance to vulnerable sectors of society.

The Events 

Many of Zhuhai's local bars and restaurants held tents in the food and drinks area from London Lounge to Jewel of India, all collectively raising money from their sales. A wide variety of food and drinks where available, western and eastern.

The Acts this year were phenomenal, bands played throughout the day in Beishan theater, bringing an electric atmosphere to a beautiful venue. The acts ranged from relaxing in the day and peaked towards the end of the event with high energy songs like "Hey Jude". Everyone was encouraged to get on stage and sing along.

I am sure next year will be another successful festival, with the support of companies like The ODM Group and others around Zhuhai, and the support of the local community, this has had a real impact on children in less fortunate situations. 

Keep your eyes open for next years event and be sure to support and have a great time!


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