Friday 26 August 2016

My Month in China!

I arrived in Zhuhai at around 9pm on the last ferry from Hong Kong. It had already been a long journey from Manchester, with a stopover in Dubai, so I am very glad to have arrived. My room was not ready when I arrived, but the guys at Intern China were amazing and I stayed in a hotel for my first night in Zhuhai!

My Month in China!
Zhuhai is definitely one of the most beautiful cities. It is not what I expected China to be like. It is definitely more slowly paced that I expected, with so much greenery and nature.

The day after my arrival, which was a Sunday, I went along my first InternChina event. I met up with some of the other interns at a Beijing Opera Mask painting. It was a lot of fun and a great first introduction for me to Zhuhai and China.

Beijing Mask Painting
I also experienced my first typhoon which was interesting. It actually began on my first day at work. It started with torrential rain, thunder and lightning. The next day the Chinese government announced a code red warning, and we all had to stay at home. So that was quite eventful!

I also went on a trip to Guangzhou with Intern China. It was one of the most unforgettable experiences of my life. We visited so many interesting landmarks in Guangzhou including Lotus Hill Park, Temple of the Six Banyan Trees, Shamian Park and Baiyun Shan as well.

Lotus Hill Park - Guangzhou
Temple of the Six Banyan Trees - Guangzhou
One of the most memorable events was the Night Cruise along the Pearl River. It was an extremely beautiful night, and I managed to get a lot of great pictures.
Night Cruise - Guangzhou
Night Cruise - Guangzhou
My internship has been amazing. My main role is in marketing, and my focus when I first started was writing articles for the main ODM blog. This was a very new for me as I have never written a blog, and now I have picked up a new skill set. I am also doing a lot of work in social media management which includes running one of the Twitter accounts, as well as lots of different types of admin work which has given me a lot of insight into the business and industry.

Thank you so much ODM for this internship, it has been great getting to know you all and I will not forget this experience! And thank you Intern China for this immense opportunity, it really has been life changing!

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