Friday 4 November 2016

Office expansion in Cebu, Philippines

ODMasia has expanded its operations in early 2016 to the Philippines where we currently employing graphic & industrial designers and cold callers. We are constantly looking to add people to our office and work together with our Filipino staff.

Cebu is an Island located in the middle of the Philippines and is a really cultural but beautiful place with beaches, you expect from the Philippines and Indonesia. The water is blue and the world under the water is as wild as above. Sharks, turtles and corals. A paradise for diver and people who love to go into the nature after work.

The life in Cebu is not as touristy, as you might expect from this area of the world, but this also makes the place really interesting and you can really fall into the Filipino culture. The good thing about the Filipino culture is that nearly everyone is able to speak English, which will make your life much easier than in China for example.

Cebu has a lot of tourist attractions. one of it is this Fort San Pedro, which was a military defence base, built by spain. It's located in the area called "Plaza Independencia" which is a busy place, where people hang out and enjoy their free time after work. This place is perfect for meeting people, who are living in Cebu City.

Also worth to see is this street, as this is the oldest street in Cebu City and is just full of culture and will give you an idea about how people live in the Philippines.

Mango and rice is the most traditional food on Cebu and is just delicious and healthy. The fruits and other dishes are all oriented to healthy food with a lot of fruits.

Enjoy your weekends in Cebu with kayaking, swimming with sharks and dolphins and go whale watching around the coast of Cebu.

We are constantly looking for new staff to help us develop our Philippines operations and manage our local team.  Please do get in touch if this might be something you are interested in.

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