Friday 29 June 2018

Halfway along our life's path... I somehow ended up in Zhuhai.

Hi everyone! I am Rui from Italy. And as you can guess from my name, yep I have Chinese origins.
Indeed, I have already been in China before and I know a bit more about Chinese culture. But still, I wonder why I am here sometimes.

This is my fifth week already, time surely flies and it seemed yesterday when I got off the airplane. First impression was "Omg I am in China, finally!" two seconds after "Damn is so hot, I'm going to shut my self in at home". Well I hope I was not the only one.

Now, after a month I can say I enjoyed my first half in China at the fullest. There is so much to see, discover and try, that two months seem pretty miserable at this point.

As most of you, I joined the inernship programme of Internchina with option homestay. They are so kind and lovely, I couldn't ask for more. The weekend before the internship they brought me to all sort of restaurants and dimsun places. They live in Huafa at the 27th floor! the landscape is not all mountains and nature as I was used to, but it still can be amazing.

If you talk about lanscapes however, I got the chance to visit Yangshuo and that was surely a must. It is said to be one of the most beautiful places of China, and I have nothing to contradict that statement. The mountains have this peculiar shape, clear water and blue sky! That is maybe what I miss in this crazy weather of Zhuhai. 

You may think I am going to talk about mountains and and green forest for the whole blog. No, I am sorry, I am not. Let us say that those are the things I was missing the most from my country back in Europe and I have still tons of thing to write about. I just started and I'll be sure back with some other blog about

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  1. At first sight, the first picture reminded me Hong-Kong. Both these cities have so many skyscrapers. I hope, that I will manage to go there someday.


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