Wednesday 4 July 2018

My first Experience in Vietnam

The first thing that hits you is the sweltering heat, the thick humid air. A wonderful yet challenging experience to deal with as the first instance coming off almost a days journey inhaling recycled air. However, as you get into that taxi and  I made my way towards my accommodation , I got my first sight of the beautiful chaos yet somehow artistic expression that is the collection of bikes that sweep through the street like a Tsunami. Barely a day ago I was in the United Kingdom, a place of rigid and organised nature a stark contrast to the symphony of chaos that is Vietnam.

 One of the most important commodities we take advantage of is our time and I believe that too much is wasted in the Classroom, or spent on something that we aren't interested in. Character and success is built on experience, failure, pain, struggle and independence. These are the qualities that you pick up during your time in Vietnam and working for ODM.

 Learning a new set of skills is one of the most humbling yet fulfilling experiences as it forces you into a position of submission. To accept that this is something that you aren't good at and that's OK because the earlier we can appreciate that we know nothing the more we go on to learn. One great example that illustrates these qualities that you pick up within the ODM group was my first introduction to blogging. As they don't hesitate to throw you into the deep end by assigning you tasks that may require skills that you haven't picked up e.g. using Word Press, SEO keywords etc. But as I said before its important for us to feel uncomfortable as its in these moments of un-comfort is when we truly get to know who we are as human beings. When we constantly succeed what do we learn? Nothing is the answer. Overall I look forward to this daunting challenge ahead of me and the pro-active nature of the work I've been set during my time at ODM.  Although provisionally it isn't what I expected, the hours are incredibly tough 9-6 seems very excessive, especially with limited breaks in this heat.  But overall, I look forward to the challenges that I will face both Independently in Vietnam and with ODM.

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