Friday 28 September 2018

Intern in Vietnam: Short Getaway Trip To Da Lat

3 weeks into Ho Chi Minh City was nothing but a series of cultural adaptations and independence. However, that didn't kill the adventurous spirit to explore Vietnam inside out! During the span of our 6-month internship for The ODM Group, we decided to take a trip down to Da Lat to immerse ourselves locally.

Sleeper Bus - En Route from HCMC to Da Lat

Excitement and anticipation bubbled in us as it was our first experience on a sleeper bus. We hopped onto our ride on a Friday night after work and slept throughout the 5-hour long journey.

Bird's Eye View of Da Lat

In a blink of an eye, we reached Da Lat! It was a freezing cold 20°C (a stark contrast from the temperate weather in HCMC). Despite the cold summer breeze, we were definitely warmed by the beauty of Da Lat. 

Trúc Lâm Temple
Valley of Love

We visited some of the famous tourist attractions such as Bao Dai Palace, Valley of Love, Trúc Lâm Temple etc, Elephant Falls etc. The day was filled with sightseeing activities - it was really a great unwinding session as we got to indulge ourselves in the tranquility and scenic views.

Tea Time at An Cafe

After a day of fun, we headed down to An Cafe - one of the popular cafes in Da Lat - and ordered a muesli bowl to snack before we left for our sleeper bus back to HCMC. All in all, we didn't expect to love Da Lat as much and this trip was certainly unforgettable - can't wait to come back already! Now, back to hustle bustle life in HCMC while the next adventure awaits us.


  1. It may sound very strange, but Vietnam is different in all its parts. That's why, your impressions depend on what region you go.

  2. I like the view, which is on the second picture. I can not understand, whether is it a hill or a mountain? I would also go there.


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