Wednesday 28 November 2018

Intern in Vietnam: Hello Weekend Market in HCMC

You must be wondering what we interns do during the weekends after a tiring 5 days of work. Well, we can't possibly be sleeping the weekends away. Like the name suggests, Hello Weekend happens only in the weekends and is a famous flea market here in Ho Chi Minh City that we couldn't miss! It is indeed saying hello to the weekends while we unearth various hidden gems in this growing city of urbanization. 

We celebrated the festive occasion by dropping down to the market during Halloween to bask in the spooky season. The area was decorated in pumpkin lanterns which reminded me of the Unique Pumpkin Shaped Lamp on ODM case studies blog. Ho Chi Minh City spontaneously engaged their tourists and locals alike as also seen their efforts at Tous Les Jour with their Halloween custom display design. The excitement could be felt as people buzzed in and out of the markets - carrying bags of their loots. There are even tables and chairs for us to relax after shopping really hard!

The aisle to walk through all the shop tents that were set up. Items sold there ranged from phone cases to clothes - and the most mouth-watering of them all: cheap and delicious food. 

One will surely not go wrong by spending money on food. The aroma was heavenly and it felt great reward to oneself for getting through a tough work week. These finger food easily fuelled our energy to continue shopping for more.

There were more seats at the back for people to chill. Definitely thought that the organizers could have provided Halloween special shadow coasters to further spice up the occasion. Nonetheless, we had our fair share of enjoyment and definitely would come back for more. Be sure to check out the market if you are ever going to intern in Ho Chi Minh City!

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