Tuesday 22 September 2015

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China

My days are numbered here in Zhuhai, China. Now, during my last days it's time to do a review on my experiences in this beautiful country.
As I already wrote about Chinese food, I want to focus on the amazing landscape and and the city of Zhuhai. 

One of the things I will never forget is Chinese nature with its incredible landscapes like on Wailingding Dao. Wailingding Dao is one of Zhuhai's 146 islands and with the ferry about 2 hours away from Zhuhai. There aren't any cars on the island and the air is very good, a pleasure in China. On my Wailingding trip with the other interns, we explored a Chinese jungle path with huge spiders and on its end we found an moldered "Mad-Max-esque" quarry with this flooded gravel pit.

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
The location of my internship, Zhuhai is a wonderful city. With the Fisher Girl as its landmark and located on the seaside it's an amazing place to be.
Being as the area Guangdong is the cleanest area in China and an economically important place, it is a great spot for an internship, as it's so close to Hong Kong and Macao.

My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
My Two Month Internship in Zhuhai, China
I'll spend my last weekend in China in Hong Kong and I'm really looking forward to the day I'm coming back to China and especially back to the wonderful city Zhuhai. 

In the end I want to thank InternChina to make the last two month possible and especially The ODM Group for this great internship!

See you!

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