Sunday 6 September 2015

Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

As some of you might know, this week it was a special 3-day holiday as the way to celebrate the victory over Japan in the World War II. I have been here for a month already and this holiday was the longest time off work I have had here so far. So I thought it would be a waste of time not to go travelling.

Guangzhou was the right choice for that, one of the biggest cities in China with population over 14 million and lots of tourism attractions, it was a very promising trip. Below I highlighted some of the must-see places.
Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

Canton tower

I started off with one of the most famous attraction of the city. One of the iconic buildings that makes up Guangzhou’s famous skyline and is also known as the world’s tallest TV tower.
I would recommend to go to the Four Seasons’ bar on the top floor – one of the best places to enjoy spectacular view on the Pearl Delta River and the whole city, while sipping a drink or two.
Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

Beijing Lu

Beijing street is a place to be if you want to shop and practise your bargaining skills. Or simply feel the atmosphere of Asian market stalls and try one of the most amazing street food. Personally, I highly recommend Pekin duck wraps – it is the best snack.

Chinese holidays - Guangzhou trip

To sum up, it was a really great trip and definitely one of the most memorable adventures I have had during my stay in China.

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