Thursday 19 May 2016

Finishing My Internship And A fantastic Experience

Well my time in China has come to an end and what an amazing time it’s been. I’ve met so many great people along the way who have inspired and developed me as a person. I can honestly say it has been the best decision I have ever made and looking back at the nerves I had when I stepped on the plane seemed ridiculous.

I have seen so many things that I never would have at home, like 40 people all cramming into one bus or a fish market with tropical animals that look like they should be from an aquarium. I've seen some of the most beautiful views, cities and islands I could possibly imagine all within hours of my home.

I’ve eaten some of the tastiest food and some of the not so tasty like chicken feet. I've learnt how to speak enough mandarin to have a basic discussion as well as even tell the time. I’ve experienced so much in my short time here and wish it wouldn't end. I've even gotten up and played at an open mic night because hey, when in China do as the Chinese do and sing. 

My time at ODM has been a real eye opener to what I want to do with regards to business and employment as well as giving me the essential skills needed to achieve these goals. Sales, marketing and management have played a major roll in forming my theoretical abilities into practice - something that will be kept with me forever.

I wouldn’t change my experience for the world, it’s been brilliant and I would advise anyone to do it. You wont regret it and you certainly wont be missing home. My only regret is not staying long enough, but I'm sure I will return one day.

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