Wednesday 18 January 2012

Hong Kong Jockey Club - Horse Racing Day!

Just 2 weekends ago, the ODM team arrived in Hong Kong office and we had a little outing. After working hard on blogs, we traveled down to the Hong Kong Jockey Club at Happy Valley for some betting for the night!

The Hong Kong Jockey Club...

It may just be another form of "old man" gambling and throwing your money away, but its the excitement and thrill once you start placing your bet! You could feel your heart racing with the footsteps of the horses, and the crowd goes crazy when the horses are 400m away the finishing line. It's pretty much the time where you determine if you are going to win some money home!

View the horses before each race...

At the end of the day, almost everyone lost! Thanks to Conor we ended the night with a satisfying meal over at the Hong Kong Football Club. Join us and be part of TheODMGroup for such experience and excitement now! 

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