Monday 9 January 2012

Internet shopping in China

China has a very large internet shopping culture. This is generally in relation to the increase of tourists in underground markets, resulting in rocketing prices for locals on historically cheap or fake goods.

This underground economy has resurfaced in the form of two very large internet shopping sites. The latter especially, you will often find goods sold directly from small factories to the end consumer, slashing the prices!

Amazon is a internationally recognised brand. This is one of the more reliable and safer option for buying electronic goods in China.

N.B Amazon China does not sell games consoles- a little strange when they have the computers and other mod cons. If you are looking for games consoles- go to Hong Kong- one of the cheapest places in the world to buy electronics. An Intern in China's Shopping dream!

This is the Ebay of the Chinese world- you can practically find anything on here- however it could be a little tricky without a good knowledge and understanding of written Chinese. The best way to get around this is by either using Google Translate, take up some Chinese lessons, or use a phrase book to help you type in search terms!

Be careful of prices that seem really low- more than likely these will fake or will not work once you get them.

Taobao- Ebay for Interns in China!

The great thing about these two websites is that on both of them you can pay on delivery. It is well known that internet banking is very hard on Chinese internet so this can make things very simple for any new-comers to China!!

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