Tuesday 3 January 2012

Lin Heung Tea House - Extraordinary Cultural Shock/Experience

Dim Sum has got to be on the "To do List" when it comes to Hong Kong. Lin Heung Tea House was indeed something different. It is known as one of the traditional chinese restaurants that actually serves Push Cart Dim Sum. If you're expecting to walk into this 2 storey restaurant waiting for seats to be assigned to you, you will never be able to get one!

Lin Heung Tea House

Keeping their eyes opened to fight for their seats!
Some tips for you when you are heading to Lin Heung.
1) "Fight" for your seats and grab any before its taken by others
2) "Fight" for your dim sum once you see the Push Cart Ladies
3) Be fast on your feet!!!

Look out for these push cart ladies! 

Look at the crowd fighting for their Dim Sum..
Indeed a cultural shock to see locals and tourists fighting for their Dim Sum who are just going with the flow! In fact I saw an English updating his facebook status with "Amazing Dim Sum Experience"

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