Friday 13 January 2012

An interns first Chinese Wedding!

This week I went to my very first Chinese wedding, on a Monday night, not your normal western day to get married, but there was a lot different about this wedding.

Here's a picture of the happy couple:

Chinese Wedding- the Happy Couple!
Although from this picture it looks almost like a western wedding reception, this is the actual wedding. In my opinion better than western ones, as you get to sit down eating and drinking while all the romantic (boring/depressing) bits are ongoing.

One of the high points of my night was the food, and especially the Zombie Pig:

Zombie Pig
Contrary to what the devil pumba looks like, it may have been the best pork in my life! In addition to this we had lobster, oysters and some other strange looking snail like things:

Chinese wedding food!
Overall I had an absolute blinder (cocky for good), and well worth the Hong Bao to the married couple!!

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