Friday 27 July 2012

Exploring Yangshuo, Guilin

Last weekend all the Zhuhai interns had a perfect chance to discover Yangshuo, a county in Guilin, a place of unique scenery, cultural heritage and, as it turned out, great night life.

After quite an entertaining 8 hour's bus ride (thanks to our Chinese travel companions who were singing, dancing and joking about the crocodiles in the river we were going to swim in) we finally reached our destination. It was about 6:30 in the morning, but Yangshuo was already hustling and bustling, with people selling and buying all possible kinds of things. 

After having a nice breakfast, we were ready to explore local surroundings. Fighting the temptation to take a picture on every corner, we walked down to the Li River, and, following the directions of our super-energetic group leader, we embarked on a bamboo raft. 

Going down the river, we could see lots of beautifully-shaped mountains, including the famous 20-yuan mountains:

and the girls blessed their washing machines when they spotted a traditional way of washing clothes:

Then we took a bus to visit the Yinzi Cave with its impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations.

When all the hungry, waiting at the exit of the cave, finally met all the curious, who took their time to wander around, it was just the right time to try the local food near the moon mountain.

After such a nice refuelling, our guys were ready for a little bit more than watching the butterflies in the Butterfly cave and they decided to speed up the exploration by hopping on scooters. 

While the rest of us continued to enjoy the nature's beauty among stalactites in various butterfly forms.

With loads of photos and impressions, we set off to our hotel. After spending a whole day broadening our horizons, what we deserved was a famous Beerfish dinner, which we were happy to taste.

Finally, the last thing we had to explore was the Xi Jie (Bar Street). And the exploration was successful!

However, the next morning, after such a challenging exploration, few of us had enough courage to ride bicycles in the blazing sun. Actually the only ones who took the bicycles were our Chinese friends, while we had a nice bus ride which took us to the Yulong River, where we again embarked on bamboo rafts. But this time it wasn't a relaxing trip: armed with water guns, we mercilessly attacked each other. Don't worry: no soldiers were hurt!

Tired and wet, but still happy, we went for a lunch and popped in a shop to get ready before a ride back home.

All in all, a great trip with a great bunch of people!

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