Friday 13 July 2012

Place your bets! - HK Racecourse

This Wednesday was one of the busiest nights of the racing season at Happy Valley Racecourse. The size of the crowd swelled as the night progressed and there was a very thrilling vibe about the place. Since it was the last race of the season, this was the reason for such a large amount of spectators.

Crowd growing in numbers as night went on
Scene from the racecourse.

For some of the ODM team that went along, it was our first experience of this sporting event. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed the idea of coming along with a group of friends and just genuinely having a good night out. It sort of reminded me of meeting up at a bar/pub except with a live sporting event…and spectacular scenery.

Cantopop singer G.E.M.

Also invited along to the event was special guest Cantopop singer, G.E.M. who treated us with a few of her popular songs. There was a horde of paparazzi and fans gathered around the stage. Although it’s only been a week and half since my stay in Hong Kong I am quickly adapting to the culture and strangely felt exited and involved with the celebrity buzz.

Thibaut's winning bet.
One of the funniest aspects of betting is when everyone starts shouting at their horse as it runs by. Some of us did not place a winning bet, so unfortunately you win some, you lose some. Thibaut (from the ODM team) on the other hand scored a bull’s eye when his horse came first. So congratulations to him!

I would happily recommend any intern to experience this event and can guarantee that you'll have an awesome time.

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