Wednesday 25 July 2012

Nice to meet you VICENTE: Typhoon level 10 in Hong Kong

Vicente from the sky
What a beautiful view of Vicente from the plane. However, the happenings under that wonderful storm eye were unpleasant. Back in 2008, I have also experienced a typhoon during my first internship in Hong Kong, but the recent one was crazy!

Vicente hits Hong Kong between the 23rd to 24th July, on 1am, at its full force (level 10). Since 1946, only 13 typhoons reached this level and the last one was in 1999. That's why the streets were totally empty Hong Kong yesterday. Everyone is advised to stay indoors.

Picture taken in Central, usually one of the busiest place in Hong Kong 
Perhaps the worst damage we have seen is the scaffolding which collapsed on a residential building. Now you should understand the danger of staying outside during a tropical storm. I could never imagine the consequences if one of this bamboo crash on someone…

Collapsed scaffolding

After the tons of damages caused by Vicente, it is finally safe on 24th July morning as the Hong Kong observatory lifted the warning… Indeed a shocking experience but I am glad all is well now.

Hong Kong Bay after the Storm 

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