Wednesday 6 March 2013

Islands around Zhuhai

One of the great things of living in Zhuhai is that there is almost 140 islands around it, which enables us to go for weekend trips and enjoy of the lovely beaches. One of the most popular islands is 野狸岛 which has amazing views to the city of Zhuhai.

These day trips that are worth spending with new people met during our internship as it is always fun times and involve a lot of social activities.

One of the best trips and memories I have of Zhuhai was when we spent a weekend in the 上川岛. The beach was just incredible as there were many activities to do like play football and volleyball with some random chinese people. Also, the fact that the climate was hot made us enjoy even more our weekend.

At night time we enjoyed having BBQ food and playing drinking social games where everyone was involved. We also camped in the beach over the night which was great fun.

Around Zhuhai there is many things to do in a daily basis, but one of the greatest things is visiting islands and staying over for the weekend in a crowd. There is many new people to meet and loads of activities to enjoy.

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