Monday 18 March 2013

Spending a Saturday and Sunday in Dongguan (东莞) and Shenzhen (深圳)

Some of the main issues with traveling around from Guangdong to different cities around China is the distance and time. The most popular and common cities in China are dispersed around the countries. However, in Guangdong we have many places to visit and explore.

This weekend I decided to visit Dongguan and Shenzhen at the same time. Dongguan, which is located in between Guangzhou and Hong Kong, is one of the major economic engines in Guangdong Province. To be very honest is not a great place to stay for a long time but it is exciting to discover some aspects of one of the most fastest developing cities in China.

The city centre itself is very modern with great skylines and has one of the most important theatres in China: Dongguan Yulan Theatre. Most of the international and important exhibitions in China take place within this establishment.

On Saturday morning I got the bus from Zhuhai to Dongguan which takes almost 2 hours. I spent a couple of hours in this city and then around 4 pm headed to Shenzhen in another bus which took 1 hour. Very simple procedures to get the bus and efficient to travel around Guangdong.

Once in Shenzhen, life is much faster and busy as it is more developed than Dongguan. The views at night from the skylines were are really treasure for my eyes. To add, at night I met many foreigners in a massive club. It is surprising the amount of European people in this city which is very developed.

This trip was something different to what I do in Zhuhai and helps me experience how other cities around roll.

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