Friday 22 March 2013

Learning Chinese whilst Interning in China

One of the most valuable experiences we can get whilst interning in a Chinese company for a long-term period  is the possibility to practice and learn a completely new language. Many people simply enjoy studying foreign languages but when they think about Chinese, they say it is impossible.

I have been living in China for more than 8 months and to be very honest when I first landed in Guangzhou I thought where I am, I can´t understand anyone and it is a completely different culture. However, now after spending this amount of time in China I can say that attending lessons in the country of the native language is completely different to learning it in your local country as here we interact we with the native people. This is very important when it comes to practicing the language as in European countries I am sure that there are many schools that offer the possibilities to learn Chinese language with native Chinese teachers. However, when we leave the school there is almost nobody to practice and interact with.

Also, this is the stage where we are learning different skills that are business related and developing our CV. As we all know international businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language. This is because China is and will be an important business and economic partner of the US and the world.

To add, learning Chinese can actually improve your mental power by learning how to arrange thoughts into a different perspective and pattern. If employers see our language capabilities, this will always prove our spoken and written skills.

Did you know that there are more people speaking Chinese than English? Chinese is the language that is most spoken in the world and is considered to be the language of the future.

I strongly recommend you that if you are spending time in China working or interning take the opportunity to learn Chinese, it will really help you out when you travel around the country as well as it will look incredibly great in your CV which will enhance your job prospect.

Chinese is difficult, this a true fact; BUT: Impossible is Nothing!!!

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