Thursday 14 March 2013

Renewing our Chinese Visa in Hong Kong

Most interns that stay in China may need to renew their visas at some point of their stay.  If you get a 1 entry visa and want to visit a trade show, then you need to apply for a new visa to get back to work.  This is really a simple procedure which will be explained below:

The most important thing we need to do first is call the agency before we leave China to check if our nationality can be able to get a visa in Hong Kong. When we give them a call we should also ask them if we can get our passport back in the same day and the price for the visa. We should also ensure that we have at least 1 blank page free in our passport. To add, we should also take one recent passport-sized photo that we will need when we fill in the renewal visa application form.

You can renew visas with Chinese Embassys around the world and with various agencies like China Travel Services.   Another option is to use agents like Forever Bright Trading Ltd, located in the New Mandarin Plaza. This is a China Visa General Agency.

The easiest way to get here from the airport / borders / ferry piers is using the MTR and getting off at TSIM SHA TSUI Station. The New Mandarin Plaza is around 10 minutes walking distance.  Once we are in the Mandarin Plaza, we should head to Tower B and get the lift to the 9th Floor. Next step is head to the Room Nº 916 - 917.

The agency will asks to fill in some application forms with details like name, passport nº, date of birth, chinese address, etc...This only takes 5 - 10 minutes.  Normally, if we finish our application by 9 am we could pick up our passport around 1pm. If we decide to go later and get everything done by 1pm we could pick up our passport at 6pm.

If we are interning for 1 year, I would strictly recommend everyone to get 6 months and multiple entries visa as it enables us to go outside China as many times we would like to.

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