Monday 24 August 2015

Entering China: The beginning of a 6 month journey.

I've aspired towards China as a place to work and live,  and being an International Business student from a country that once dominated world economics (England), I recognized the economic shift to Asia and anticipated a slice of the economic pie.

This is what motivated me to come here, and to work for The ODM Group, where I excite at the thought of surrounding myself with those more knowledgeable, to improve and expand upon what I have previously learnt. The beginnings of what will one day hopefully set me on a path to a successful career.

My initial impressions of China were of Shenzhen, the rapidly expanding city with ridiculous traffic for a Sunday afternoon. I was not expecting such a vast city with such quantity of skyscrapers, and yet among it all lies tranquil gardens with the echo of traditional Chinese music. The main distraction from the beauty being the extreme humidity, something i was not prepared for!
Shenzhen Lianshuahan Park

After Shenzhen I traveled to Zhuhai, my home for the next 6 months. Here I was pleasantly surprised to find it less chaotic then Shenzhen, but still with a city vibe, and although i have only be here for a day so far I enjoy the idiom of 'jumping into the deep water and learning how to swim' to describe my cultural experience.

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