Friday 26 August 2011

A day out of the Office: Journey to the Peak

Last weekend me and my boss decided to climb 'The Peak', and even with my shoddy camera work I still managed to capture views like this:

To non-Hong Kongers ( I've decided that I'm now a HK national after a week) 'The Peak' is Victoria Peak, a mountain in the center of central on Hong Kong Island.

I am not going to tell you how to get there, as you can pretty much see it everywhere, darting in between skyscrapers. I will tell you one thing, if you decide to climb up it, prepare to be sweat. We decided it would be a good idea to climb it at 12.00, another silly idea as I'm pretty sure I lost most of my body weight on the journey.

You can get a tram to the upper stages of the Peak but, like with the Big Buddha prepare to be in tourist heaven once you get there.

You can walk to the very top of the mountain but apparently the views are not as good as the two-thirds way up area.

On the walk up I noticed that houses have been built into the mountain, as far as I could see the mountain is a kind of financial hierarchy of Hong Kong.

Everybody wants to live as close as possible to the mountain, and as soon as you start to walk up it you see the difference.
To say I was rubbing shoulders with the high fliers of Hong Kong would be lying, I did see a fancy gate though:

In addition to this I saw a little bit of DIY involving landslides, whereby to stop them the authorities decided to cement the side, simple but effective, a nice way of fusing old and new- a good metaphor for Hong Kong itself.

I read in a book that Hong Kong was 70% covered by trees, I didn't believe that until we walked to the other side of the mountain and saw this:

Here you can walk around the whole mountain, which takes approximately three quarters of a hour, bar the Star Ferry it has to be some of the best views of Hong Kong:

I would definitely recommend it, but just remember to take water and don't take a smoker with you, it could take years.

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  1. So did you end up making Hong Kong your permanent home?


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