Tuesday 23 August 2011

Interns in Asia- Welcome!!

My name is Joe and I am currently an intern Accounts Manager at the ODM Group in Hong Kong. This is me, so that you have a face to put to the name.....

I will be contributing to this blog from time to time along with other interns at the company giving our experiences to you the readers and potential interns.

I will be moving to mainland China next week, so there will only be a few blogs from me about Hong Kong, however, many of my associates in Hong Kong will keep you informed of whats happening at base. I will be focusing my contributions to the blog on life as an intern in China, a very different experience I've heard!

So, before I start telling you how life in Hong Kong/as an intern abroad is awesome, I feel you need to know a little about me so that you can put this all in perspective.

I hail from a little village in England called East Harling, lovely place. I say to people who aren't from within 5 miles of the village that it is near Cambridge (to make myself sound posh) even though it is actually near Norwich (still very nice, but no one seems to have heard of it).
I have just left university at Manchester, also a lovely place, but with just a few more streets.

I moved to Hong Kong about a week ago because I found that in the current climate in England it is pretty much impossible to get a job.

I want to work in consultancy, however you will not even get passed the application stage without relevant experience, and it is pretty much impossible to get the experience.

So I looked around for internships and found that the majority of them were unpaid, and in London, where I would basically be paying ridiculous amounts of money to work for someone for free.

So, I spoke to a friend who recently took the plunge and moved to China and he helped me out with sorting a job, and a couple of months later....here I am, in Hong Kong, having more responsibility than I would in an internship in London, and travelling the world, logical choice really.

Our company delivers high quality new promotional ideas and products to global markets through our three offices; Hong Kong- Central sales and Marketing, China- Buying and Procurement, and Singapore- innovations and inventions.


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