Lost in Hong Kong

A single word of warning when you come to Hong Kong- its more than likely you will get lost.

There are skyscrapers everywhere so you end up walking around with your head in the air. The only problem is that they all look the same.

And it doesn't help that there seems to be either a 7/11 (convenience store), Welcome (mini-market) or Mannings (pharmacy) on every corner (remember these shops, because once your money is low, you will be living out of welcome shops!).

However in Hong Kong it is a pleasure to get lost, because it is such an interesting place and so safe. The other day I got lost on Hennessy Road (where ODM head office is) for around 4 hours, and I enjoyed myself. Because every street you go down there is something new.

And down one street I found maybe the best restaurant in Hong Kong:

A little restaurant off Henessy road (opposite the SOGO sign) where you can buy traditional Chinese noodles for 30HK$ (around £2.13), called Traditional Chinese Noodle (duh).

As my boss Conor phrased it best, you never really know a city until you have got lost in it.

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