Tuesday 30 August 2011

Ocean Park

The DisneyLand of Hong Kong. Well, sort of.

This park covers the whole of the southern peninsular near Stanley on Hong Kong Island, it costs around 250 HK$, and don't be fooled into thinking it is a water park like I was.

(Apparently) the park is far superior to DisneyLand Hong Kong, by that admission I feel most children's parks must be better than Disney Land.

Seriously it is a decent place, if you have never been to a western amusement park, scared of going to 3D cinemas because things 'jump out' at you, or have little children that wouldn't be able to ride on them.

If you are not going to Ocean park for the scare factor then there is a whole host of activities you can do.

We went to see a couple of pandas in there 8 million pound cage, which to be honest with you were slightly depressing. However they did look pretty awesome:

Just plain lazy, if you ask me.

They did also have a 'gator' enclosure, however I had to leave after two minutes when I saw some fat kid constantly banging on the window near the alligator's face. I'm sure that I have seen ponds bigger than their cage.

After going on some rides that obviously were not made for a 1.9m high man, I tried to recover my bruised shoulders by watching a dolphin show. The arena resembled an american baseball stadium and the show consisted of some Brazilian music played by five Chinese men and a 'volunteer' from the crowd who just happened to be scared of walruses, fell in the pool and was saved by dolphins pushing him out of the water.

However enjoyable this show was, I could not help thinking about the amount of time these animals got after their 9-5 jobs.

People applauding dolphins suffocating themselves.

Overall, I think Ocean Park is worth a visit as long as you are prepared to queue up for a lot of your time, walk more than you have done in a long time, and find maybe one scary ride (the Abyss).

But of course, I'm not bitter.

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