Tuesday 23 August 2011

Hong Kong- Getting there and MTR

So, after I left the UK and had a 24 hour flight, I finally reached Hong Kong International Airport. One of the more stranger airports that I have been to (I'm not a plane spotter, honest), as it is on a island just off Lantau Island (Western Island of Hong Kong, also part of the New Territories):

After going to university in Manchester and having to take the bus through Moss Side a few times I thought I would be re-living this when I arrived at 1 in the morning, however I couldn't be more wrong.

People actually helped me out cruising around in a 100 litre rucksack and a wheelie suitcase, looking like a schizophrenic with a split personality between Bear Grylls and Donald Trump.

You may say that I didn't get robbed because I'm 6"5, however my boss has been here ten years and has only ever seen two fights, in Manchester your lucky to go ten minutes without seeing two fights.

When arriving at the airport and passing through customs and baggage claims you will get to the express MTR system, getting you into central (Hong Kong Island) for about 50 HK$ (around £4.13).

The MTR (Mass Transit Railway) puts all other underground/subways to shame, probably the most efficient and easiest to use in the world. All of the trains protective doors have arrows pointing the direction the train is going, and all of the maps in the trains itself have little LED lights showing you where you are. Its pretty much impossible to get lost. Unless your me. Even then though you can catch another train back pretty swiftly as I have not had to wait longer than 4 mins for any train yet.

It is also a good idea to purchase an Octopus Card at the nearest manned station. For 150HK$ you can buy this card with 100 HK$ credit on it, to use on the MTR, buses, and most shops. This card will give you a discount on the trains and buses and they will even give you back 50 HK$ when you return the card before you go, always good if your running low on money!!!

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