Thursday 12 April 2012

24 hours in Guangzhou!

I knew from the rate of growth that China has been achieving in recent years that the country would be moving at a fast pace. Catching a taxi from the airport into the centre of Guangzhou I realised just how fast paced EVERYTHING was in China! Nobody has any time to wait around; ranging from the taxi driver, weaving in and out of any cars that got in his way, to the residents who are practically stepping on your flip-flop before you've even managed to lift your foot up and step forward!

Feeling pretty jet-lagged and with just 24 hours in Guangzhou I wanted to fit in as much of the city as possible! The day was filled with exploring the city, our first real taste at Chinese food and a quick nap in our 5* hotel rooms which had cost us just £20 each! We saved our visit to the Canton Tower for late in the evening, standing at 1,968.5 ft it is the tallest structure in China and the fourth-tallest freestanding structure in the world; giving us an amazing view across the city! Up the top of the tower it seemed the Chinese tourists were a little less fascinated by the view outside and more excited by what was inside - English tourists! After a few minutes of staring a couple finally plucked up the courage to ask for a picture, and before long we were being pulled in different directions by each person wanting to have a photo with us! After escaping the tower, and a quick stroll through one of the main streets we went onto our final destination of the evening 'Party Pier'! The club, although designed for Westerners, still had many Chinese attendees and it was an interesting insight into a side of China that I never expected to see. Although the Chinese people were much more reserved than the Westerners in the style of dancing, and many of them were stood around high tables drinking and playing a traditional dice game, the club seemed very similar to something that you would see in many English cities!

My brief visit in Guangzhou was over! Next stop Zhuhai for my language lessons with StudyChina and internship with The ODM Group through InternChina!

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